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Our Dedicated Team is ready to provide for your security in Cairns

A vast range of Queensland security services on offer


Grand Security Services Group is one of the leading security companies Queensland trusts for all their security needs.


    • Grand Security Services Group is capable of undertaking all kinds of security associated duties, as required by the customer.


    • The firm has sufficient resources to undertake all types of contracts varying in size from small construction sites to large industrial complexes.


    • Using static guards and mobile patrols we provide our services virtually for any types of sites including construction sites, apartment blocks, warehouses, industrial workshops, plants and machinery and office buildings. Also, we have specialists who are able to provide adequate physical protection for all individuals.


    • In order to achieve the highest level of performance possible, we are committed to using the newest protection technology available such as portable CCTVs and video cameras which are constantly monitored by our Qld security personnel working in the field. In addition, we are committed to keeping you informed about our activities using ‘Touch Magic Buttons’. These buttons enable us to record security appearances and then consequently to send you the logs of these appearances on a weekly or monthly basis.


    • Our Queensland security systems specialists are able to provide you with competitive quotes and to fulfil your electronic protection needs for virtually any kind of facilities and premises.


    • Finally we offer a variety of strategies and techniques on how to best protect your business. Thus, if you require expert advice relating to the security of your business you are in the right place.


Whether you’re throwing a big party, staging an important business event or anything in between and you need one of the best security companies in Queensland contact the qualified security Qld experts at Grand Security Services Group.